Field Team

Mike Angelone– Mike is President and founder of our company. He is responsible for Sales & Client relations, estimating, value engineering and is our Senior Project Manager. He has always been known as a man who will pitch in and assist at any level including trades and labor. His vast experience and knowledge in construction is the result of trade and supervisory experience since 1976. Mike is a former New York Fire Fighter who is also a trained Martial Artist.

Gordon Miller– Gordon is our senior employee. His dedication and devotion to our philosophy is a quality that sets him far above the norm. Gordon is a native of South Africa who now resides in Irvine, California as a U.S. citizen. His construction experience dates back to 1980 and in addition to master carpenter status, he is well versed in a number of additional trades. Gordon’s position at Angelone Builders varies due to the variety of needs within our client base. His multi-level experience allows him to run crews, supervise subcontractors and Project Manage the most difficult project we face. He has worked side by side with Mike since 1997.

Zsolt Pisztel –  Zsolt is a master tradesman from Hungary. He has a diversified background in tile, stone and masonry as well as having journeyman carpenter status. Zsolt has a strong capacity to remain organized while maintaining the quality of some of our most intricate projects. He is highly regarded in this industry for his commitment to excellence. Zsolt’s position at Angelone Builders is that of Senior Superintendent. His ability to run projects is matched only by his expertise to maintain the company’s reputation for quality. Zsolt has worked with Mike since 1997.

Jason Ellsworth– Jason has been with our company since 2005. He has completed a rigorous apprenticeship under Gordon & Zsolt in tile/stone setting as well as drywall/stucco finishing. Jason has aggressively pursued the trade industry and is on his way to learning all aspects of renovation. Jason’s dedication has currently earned him a position as one of Angelone’s Superintendent.

Brian Brandlein – Brian started with Angelone Builders in 2012 as a superintendent and is now one of our project managers. He is an Arizona native with over 25 years of construction experience. He started his construction career as a carpenter for large scale custom homes in Phoenix and Scottsdale. With experience in restaurants, hotel renovation, commercial tenant improvement, retail and residential building, he has a vast range of knowledge that helps him on many of our projects. He is dedicated to keeping the relationships, deadlines and quality of work our customers demand.

Aaron Oltersdorf – Aaron has 18 years of carpentry and cabinetry experience, ranging from design, drafting shop drawings, fabrication, installation and project management. He is also an accomplished steel fabricator and welder. His broad scope of knowledge in the construction industry truly makes him an asset to the Angelone Builders team. Aaron has been a superintendent with Angelone since 2013.

Reuben Ray– Reuben is an Arizona native; born and raised. He began working for Angelone Builders earlier in 2014. Reuben’s background in concrete, dirt work, and bathroom remodeling. One thing that he is very passionate about is dirt work because of its interesting and valuable components to the construction process. He enjoys being hands on and helps out wherever he is need. Reuben brings with him the attitude that whatever he is able to do to make the job easier for his team, he will do it.

Pete Palitti – Pete has experience as a cabinet shop carpenter from Michigan. He has been with our company for 10 years. He has been instrumental for the “in house success” of our company. He has also been working in the field as a Superintendent and knows the level of acceptable quality & scheduling we expect here at Angelone Builders.

Brian Mustoe – Brian began his construction career installing drywall at 18. In addition he was a repairman, stocked houses and prepared the semis for delivery of drywall. He became a supervisor at the same company by the age of 23. Each house was different therefore, he had to know all aspects of residential remodeling; which is where he gained the most experience. Brian is skilled in various trades including drywall, framing, trim, paint and roofing. Brian has also worked in remediation for residential work and then transitioned to working in the commercial sector at hospitals. Brian started with Angelone Builders in May 2014 as a Superintendent. His first job with the company was for Juby True one of The Fox Restaurant Group projects.


Office Team

Claudia Brown– Claudia has more than 40 years’ experience with Fortune 500 companies. She is a graduate of Boston University with a degree in Business Administration. Claudia began with Angelone Builders in 2012 as a receptionist and is now a Project Coordinator as well as Mike’s personal assistant. She is dedicated, witty and has a captivating “can-do” attitude. Claudia hails from California and when she is not at work she loves to crochet and do volunteer work for various non-profit organizations.

Dale Nitz– Dale is our Controller and has over 15 years’ of experience in the field of accounting working in such industries as construction, production and hospitality. He graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. He has been with Angelone Builders since 2013. When not working, Dale enjoys a good hockey game.

Brook Ashby –  Brook is a Project Coordinator for our Restaurant and Hotel Projects. She brings over a decade of experience having previously worked for Hillstone as their Coordinator of Fine Art. A Texas native, she earned her undergraduate degree in Fine Art from Southern Methodist University. When not working Brook loves visiting friends in California and Taos as well as spending time with her dog Vega.

Michelle Patocka – Michelle is a Project Coordinator for our Restaurant and Tenant Improvement Projects. She brings with her over 16 years of experience having previously worked for Hillstone Restaurants. While at Hillstone, she led teams responsible for the building and opening of 12 new stores in addition to project coordinating for 50 plus restaurants. On her off days, Michelle likes spending time with her husband and daughter.

Lia Brannan– Lia is a recent graduate of Arizona State University with a major in Biology. She has been with Angelone Builders since February 2012. Her role within the firm is that of Project Coordinator/Accounting Assistant.  She is as focused as she is dedicated. A Washington native, Lia is passionate about Botany.

Val Bleckler  Val hails from New York and moved to Arizona when in grade school. She has been with Angelone Builders for 13 years and plays a valuable role managing Mike’s personal and commercial properties, maintaining all incoming subcontractor waivers and lien releases as well as assisting with any necessary daily office duties. Outside of work Val enjoys spending time with her family and working out at the gym.


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